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American Lipo Centers is a national provider of laser liposuction.

We have locations in Northern Virginia in Alexandria Virginia, Bowie Maryland, Baltimore Maryland, Waldorf Maryland, Virginia Beach Virginia, Dallas Texas, New York City New York, Atlanta Georgia , Chicago Illinois, Los Angeles California, Las Vegas Nevada, Manila Philippines and Dubai UAE.

intro_splash_bkgLaser liposuction is a great way to get rid of unwanted fat from the abdominal area, love handles, thighs, chin, arms, male chest, bra strap or anywhere else you may have unwanted fat.

Our surgeons have performed over 10,000 liposuction procedures and counting. Our medical director Dr. Gilad Segev has personally performed over 3,000 laser liposuction procedures and continues to provide laser liposuction in the Northern Virginia office in Alexandria Virginia.

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*Disclaimer: Actual results may vary from patient to patient.

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What our patients say…

"I couldn’t be happier with the results. I feel so much better about myself, it’s indescribable.

I’m a huge researcher and I thought about it for a few years. I think the most important thing is having the right doctor.

Dr. Segev is a gentleman and a scholar! He did a great job and never made me feel uncomfortable."


More from our patients...

"The procedure went great. I could hardly believe that it was not painful.

I was surprised at how good I felt and looked. After the procedure I went out to eat and to work the next day.

I still cannot believe a procedure like this really works without surgery."

Yvette H, 46
More from our patients...

"My experience was great. I rescheduled my appointment 3 times because of nerves; but Myia was always there to help calm them.

We spent the whole procedure talking about sports and that was really comforting and helped me to relax.

My post-op release instructions were great and easy to follow and I had upper and lower abs done on Friday was back to work Monday.

I highly recommend American Lipo Centers."


More from our patients...

American Lipo Centers is a nationwide provider of laser liposuction surgery for men and women at an affordable cost.
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